Researching Family Roots - DNA

Clan Donnachaidh has implemented a DNA surname project with FamilyTreeDNA of Houston, Texas. A few clan members are able to trace their ancestry with certainty to the first Chief but most are left to ponder. Now with the advent of DNA, many Duncans, Reids and Robertsons may find they share common ancestors. As the program grows other clan surnames, such as Stark. Dobbins, Collier, etc. will join the project.
The power of DNA may someday provide the answer to a Clan Donnachaidh mystery. The father of Duncan, the first chief, was Andrew deAtholia. Did he descend from King Duncan I or Somerled, Lord of the Isles? Further testing may provide the answer!
The Family Tree DNA test kit, which may be ordered on the internet or by mail, includes swabs for collecting inside cheek samples, instructions and a return mailer. The kit is available to clan names for a reduced price of $171, which includes shipping, and must be paid for in advance by credit card or check. Remembering that the Y chromosome only follows the male line, women who wish to participate should ask a male member of the family to submit the test (father, brother, cousin).
Those wishing to learn more about the program can contact Family Tree DNA at www.familytreedna.com and look for the Donnachaidh Surname Project. Be sure to ask for the Y-DNAPlus test (25 marker Y chromosome test).